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Ellen & Todd

St. Louis & Chicago Wedding Photography
Missouri Athletic Club St. Louis, MO

I know I have said this before but we get the BEST COUPLES.  I’m not kidding!!

Knock on wood, I have honestly not had a Bridezilla yet:)

These two just put all of their trust in whatever we wanted to do and were just about the sweetest couple ever.

Todd and Ellen are so laid back and are just so in love!!!! The type of couple that just makes you smile to see them together.

Ellen and Todd we enjoyed your day so much.  Thank you for choosing us to capture your wedding!

I would say we wish you guys the best of luck in your marriage, but you two do not need it.  The relationship that you two share, the way you laugh together, sing together, and just look at each other shows you are going to have an amazing life together.



I know the image below isn’t the award winning style shot in a wedding, But this is one of my favorite moments I get to capture between a couple.  When everyone is on a dance floor and they still are in each others world.  Stealing that kiss when no one even notices.

” I like large parties, They’re so intimate.  At small parties there isn’t any privacy.”  -F Scott. Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby


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Meet the gorgeous Allie!
Allie you are such a doll, and I had a great time working with you.
There may have been some fun obstacles we were challenged with on our session,
 but you were so laid back through it all.
I had a great time meeting and chatting with you and your mom on our session.
I hope you have a great Senior year and best of luck with your plans after graduation
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Natasha & Andrew

St. Louis, Chicago and Metro Area  Wedding Photography

Look at the Awesome couple that is getting MARRIED tomorrow!

We can’t wait!!!

Andrew and Natasha are going to have a perfect day!  Such a sweet couple.

Obviously cute as can be, so can you imagine what the wedding pictures will look like.

(Oh, and Andrew we promise we will keep it under 10 poses;))

Stay tuned  St. Louis this wedding is going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!


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Watch out  Fashion World Meredith is coming!!!

 I had such a great day working with her.  Such a beauty

Meredith is not only tall and beautiful but she knew exactly what to do in front of the camera.

Hearing that she loves Next Top Model was no surprise.

 I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see her on NEXT TOP MODEL working the runway next year.

Good luck after you graduate Meredith,  I am sure we will be seeing you  in Vogue one day:)

Meet the Gorgeous Meredith


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St. Louis, Chicago and Metro Senior Photography

As Senior picture season kicks off I am thrilled to share this session with you.   Jacky was so much fun to work with and super willing to go along with some fun locations for her Senior Pictures.  You may recognize her from some older BLOG posts.  She was also one of my FABULUXE Models.  Yep, I get spoiled with some awesome clients

Jacky is so laid back and just as sweet as can be.  She has amazing College plans, and I am so impressed with everything she wants to do with her future.

Meet the Gorgeous Jacky


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