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Elements Of Us


WHO AM I…………..HMMMM?!?!?….I guess I’m the girl who hates to write about herself for starters!:)

I love being behind the camera and HATE having my own picture taken! Guess that’s why all the pictures on this page are of my girls. Yes, I know I need to get some family pictures done soon!!!!

I over use exclamation points (see above),  forget to use periods,  and could get an award for run on sentences! Oh and love the little smiley faces:)

YES, I  was horrible in grammar and English so I apologize in advance!

I am a girl with an AHHHMAZING  life.   No, I’m not talking about a big dream home, or a fancy sports car, the exotic vacations have been replaced with theme parks, and if you want to call fast food a romantic dinner well then we have lots of them.  I am a mom of two wonderful little girls and I have a really awesome husband who is also the greatest friend I could ask for.  They really support and help me with every bit of my business.  This is why this section is titled Elements Of  Us!   They make my business what  it is and work with me constantly.  My husband helps me with all my decisions and when I am learning new techniques, he is right there practicing with me.   My little girls work hard at being my amazing models,  and are very patient with me when I have to sit at the computer and edit.  They are my business!

Photography has always been something I have loved.  My path to getting here might have had a few wrong turns but Thank God I turned around!  I have worked behind the scenes doing editing, digital scrapbook designs, advertisement designs, photography sales, but just was always missing that feeling you get when you’re passionate about something.   After I decided to actually take the leap into being a photographer everything clicked (ha ha, pun intended ;)).

I have had some amazing people in my life that have motivated me.  I am very passionate about people following their dreams and living for today.

I was blessed growing up to have a Big Brother who was not only my best friend, but also the most inspirational person you could ever meet.  He was always reading motivational books and pushing people to become great.  I know I am now doing something I love because of him.   I was blessed to have him in my life and feel him looking down and pushing me everyday!    No one will live forever and people are here only for a certain amount of time, but while they are here the greatness and impact they make is what counts.

I feel extremely lucky  to not only share my life through photography, but also be part of so many other families  as well.

I love inspirational quotes so I will leave you with one of the many I love. I found this on pinterest and I’m not sure who it’s by but here you go!

˜If you don’t like where you are, then change it.